Kunoichi Shinobi Dojo Cardiff

Kunoichi/ Shinobi Dojo is a Ninjutsu class operating under the banner of, 'Budo Warrior Schools. ' A successful Bujinkan Ninjutsu martial arts association that teaches traditional Ninpo Taijutsu, also known as Ninjutsu.

The class was founded and is jointly taught by Michael Jones and Randa Richards. Two experienced martial artists who currently hold the rank of Judan (10th Dan) in Bujunkan Ninjutsu. As the only Ninjutsu class in Wales that offer both a male and female instructor, the class is well equipped to offer a range of perspectives on the art of armed and unarmed combat.

Both instructors have taken their studies of Ninjutsu to Japan in order to further their understanding and enhance their skills in the ways of the Ninja.


Why Ninjutsu?

Ninjutsu, by design, is to give the underdog a fighting chance. Created by an ancient people to oppose the ruling Samurai, a seemingly unstoppable force. Ninjutsu has no rules, Ninjutsu has no sporting concept and most of all, as a survival martial art, Ninjutsu will teach you that the size of a persons muscles will count for very little in a system that is tailored to turn strength into weakness.

In a laid back and friendly atmosphere you will be taught how to defend yourself against armed and unarmed assailants, how to use your body's size and shape to its fullest potential and how to take control. Whether that be control of a situation or control of your own natural impulses.

If nothing else, within Ninjutsu you will find approachable, like minded individuals who are looking for something that they maybe didn't find in other martial arts.

Ninjutsu has been a quiet constant within the Martial Arts community in Cardiff for the past 15 years, continually growing, evolving and moving forward. Find out more about Ninjutsu as a Martial Art in Cardiff.